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+44 (0)20 8808 8115


Eileen Gleeson and her team of textile designers create inspiring contemporary print designs for fashion and interiors.

Design Union generates a constantly evolving portfolio of print and embroidery design. Our experienced team, through a process of rigorous research and experimentation, make beautiful and unique artwork, creating new trends that delight and inspire our clients.

Watch Design Union x Premiere Vision

You can see the collection at the major textile trade shows including Premiere Vision Indigo in Paris, Como Crea, and Munich Fabric Start.

We are represented in Australia, Brazil, China, Korea, Japan, LA, and Turkey, by our international agents.

Our textile designs are presented as digital Photoshop PSD files in layers.

Please contact us to arrange to view our collection.

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Design Union
Based in North London

Tel +44 (0)20 8808 8115


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  1. Design Union x Big Daddy’s Dead


    Adam Love invited a select few artists to design a limited range of t-shirts for Big Daddy’s Dead upcoming tour, with our contribution shown here.

  2. Design Union x Duckie Brown


    Design Union's continuing collaboration with Duckie Brown for S/S 2012.
    Images courtesy of Vogue.co.uk

  3. Design Union x Squint


    Design Union collaboration with Lisa of Squint in Shoreditch for Liberty of London, used in their very popular ‘Prince Charming’ window displays.
    Squint's website can be found here


Please contact us to book an appointment.

29th August - 1st September

Munich Fabric Start

MOC, Munich